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Were You Hit As A Pedestrian?

An attorney can help

Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable people on the road. Auto accidents certainly can cause serious injury to people in cars, but they at least have the body of the vehicle to protect them from the impact. If your accident involved a car or truck hitting your unprotected body, your injuries may be truly catastrophic. You may have even lost a loved one to a pedestrian accident.

Whether your loved one died or you were hurt, you should speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer at Recht Law Offices as soon as possible.

Motorists and pedestrians share a responsibility to respect the right of way and keep the road safe. General guidelines for pedestrian right of way include:

  • Stay within crosswalks
  • Observe all ''walk/don't walk'' signals
  • Observe vehicle direction guides in parking lot or roadway
  • Do not enter roadway suddenly and/or without looking
  • Exercise due care and caution

General guidelines for driver behavior in a pedestrian crossing area include:

  • Observe speed limits
  • Observe crosswalks
  • Recognize road conditions that may affect turning or braking (e.g., ice)
  • Use turn indicators appropriately

However, when either party fails to follow those guidelines, it's almost always the pedestrian who gets hurt.

Fortunately, most pedestrian accidents happen at fairly low speeds, but too often, it doesn't matter. Our attorneys have seen many people seriously injured or killed by negligent motorists, and we can help.

Don't hesitate. Reach out to Recht Law Offices immediately after your pedestrian accident. You'll be dealing with the insurance company representing the driver who hit you. Remember, their priority is to protect their client, not you. Even if it's obvious that the motorist was at fault, the insurance company will look for ways to reduce or deny your claim. They may argue that your injuries were due to a pre-existing condition or that you acted to cause the accident.

That's why you need us. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start to get back on your feet. We've been there for Weirton and the surrounding communities since 1952, and we'll be there for you every step of the way.