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How Did Your Car Accident Happen?

An experienced attorney will hold the driver who hurt you accountable

While every auto accident is unique, most of them have one thing in common: human error. The majority of accidents are caused by one or both drivers doing something unsafe or reckless. That means accidents, and the injuries they cause, are preventable - and it means the people who cause them need to be held accountable.

Since 1952, Recht Law Offices has been serving Weirton and the surrounding area, including communities in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We're passionate about making our roads safer. That's why we represent people hurt due to all of the following causes:

In order to recover damages (financial compensation) for your accident, you need to prove that the driver who caused your injuries was negligent. Legally, a person is said to be negligent when he or she holds a "duty of care" to another person and fails to meet it. In particular, all motorists owe a duty of care to others on the road to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner.

Each cause of accidents has telltale signs that we can use to prove the other driver was at fault. That's why you need an experienced car accident attorney from our firm on your side. We will thoroughly investigate the accident scene, interview witnesses and find the evidence needed to win your case.

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Driving above the speed limit is a factor in many accidents because a speeding car is more difficult to control or stop. At higher speeds, drivers have less time to react to changing road conditions and are less able to slow or stop when a vehicle in front needs to slow down.

High-speed accidents can be especially dangerous because the greater the force involved, the more serious the injuries or property damage inflicted. You need an attorney who will move fast to build your case. Contact us today.

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Tailgating/Following Too Closely

Following too closely is a factor in thousands of accidents every year. That's why all drivers are taught to maintain a safe following distance, especially on the highway. Even so, many motorists choose to drive aggressively and put others at risk. They may cause a rear-end collision when the front vehicle slows down or stops.

Rear-end collisions caused by tailgating may seem straightforward, but recovering the compensation you need can still be difficult. Because these accidents often happen at fairly low speeds, the insurance company may argue that you couldn't have possibly been injured. You don't need to settle for less. Reach out to Recht Law to build your case.

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Drunk Driving

The dangers of drinking and driving have been well publicized: Alcohol makes it more difficult for drivers to react appropriately and avoid collisions. While alcohol is only a factor in a fairly small percentage of accidents, those accidents are very likely to be serious, especially when they happen at night in low-visibility conditions.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, we may be able to pursue a claim against the bar or establishment that served the driver who hit you in addition to the drunk motorist. Don't assume that you'll be fairly compensated just because the other driver was arrested for DUI. The police don't work for you. We do.

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Texting While Driving

West Virginia banned all handheld cell phone use, including texting while driving, in 2013. Even so, some motorists choose to text and drive and put others in danger. Texting drivers often cause rear-end collisions because they do not see the cars in front of them. They're also likely to hit pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists, as they present a smaller profile than cars and trucks.

During our investigation, we'll consult cell phone records and interview witnesses to prove that the driver who hit you was using his or her phone. Distracted drivers put everyone on the road at risk. We're proud to make our community safer by holding them accountable.

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Fatigued/Asleep at the Wheel

With people working more hours than ever before, it might seem understandable that so many get behind the wheel while tired. Still, the reality is that driving while exhausted is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Fatigued drivers have the option of pulling over on a side street to rest or stopping for an energy drink. Instead, they choose to put others at risk.

Asleep-at-the-wheel accidents can be extremely dangerous because the sleeping driver often doesn't even hit the brakes before impact. That means the collision happens at full speed, which can cause crippling injuries. It also means we can look for an accident scene with no skid marks, a telltale sign that can help us prove that the other driver was responsible.

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Failure to Yield

Failing to yield at intersections and other locations leads to thousands of collisions every year. Motorcyclists in particular are often injured by drivers who fail to yield to an oncoming bike while turning left. Pedestrians, bicyclists and anyone in a smaller or slower vehicle can be hurt by another driver's failure to yield.

Eyewitness reports are critical in an accident caused by a driver who did not yield the right of way, as are photographs of the accident scene and any skid marks or other evidence. We'll thoroughly investigate your claim and fight for the compensation you need for your injuries.

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