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Your Guide to The West Virginia Accident Report

After an auto accident, you need to know exactly what the investigating police officer had to say. The officer's account of the car wreck is contained in the West Virginia Uniform Traffic Crash Report. Insurance companies require this report to process a car accident claim, and the report itself serves as a vital piece of evidence that your attorney will need to build a case. That's why it's so important to understand what it says.

As a guide, we have provided a sample copy of the crash report used in West Virginia with our comments on how to read the document. Note that if you were involved in an accident in another state, the accident report used will be slightly different. Our attorneys are familiar with Ohio and Pennsylvania accident reports as well and routinely handle cases in those states.

Reading Your West Virginia Accident Report

If you have any questions about the information on your report - or if you notice any discrepancies - you will need legal help right away. Reach out to Recht Law Offices immediately. Call (304) 748-5850 to schedule your free case evaluation.