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Need Social Security Disability Benefits?

We can help you through this challenging process

The Social Security system is meant to take care of people who can no longer financially support themselves. You've paid into this system throughout your life, yet when you need help due to a disability or medical condition, the government can make applying for those benefits very difficult. Most applications are initially denied, and strict deadlines need to be met. That's why it's so important to work with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

Since 1952, we've been helping people throughout the Weirton area claim the benefits they need. Reach out to Recht Law Offices for help with your Social Security Disability claim. We'll work with you throughout this complex process, every step of the way.

A closer look at Social Security Disability

On the surface, Social Security Disability seems straightforward: The federally run program allows people who are unable to achieve gainful employment due to a permanent disabling condition seek benefits. People with limited assets can pursue Supplemental Security Income benefits. The application process, however, can be quite complex.

In order to qualify for benefits, you generally must have worked in jobs covered by Social Security (usually for five out of the last 10 years) and currently have a permanent condition that has lasted for a minimum of one year.

There are many types of disabilities that may make people eligible for benefits. A disability, however, is not a guarantee that the government will approve an application. You may make mistakes on your application, or you may have not properly documented your disability or medical condition.

More than half of initial stage applications are turned down, meaning most people need to appeal denied claims. If your claim was rejected, you will need to put together proper paperwork and file your request for a "reconsideration" in a timely manner.

The SSD process is complex and confusing. We can help.

Why should you hire a disability lawyer from our firm? Put simply, you can't afford not to. The government's own records show that people who are represented by an attorney are much more likely to be approved for benefits than those who are not - and you're even more likely to be approved with an experienced lawyer who understands the system. That's why you need attorney Steven M. Recht on your side.

We accept SSD cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you don't owe us anything until you're approved for benefits. Our fee is a fixed percentage of the money you collect that is set by the Social Security Administration. There is no up-front cost, which means working with us is always an affordable option.

If you're disabled, we'd be honored to help you get the benefits you need. Reach out to Recht Law today. Call 1 (877) 321-7324 for a free case evaluation.