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Seat Belt and Airbag Injuries

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Airbag injuries do not always occur in head-first collisions. Officially called Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS), airbags have become integral to the design of car and truck interiors and can be installed in doors, dashboard, steering wheels, and other places throughout the passenger area. If an airbag deploys inappropriately due to an error by a service technician or by faulty original design or manufacture, it can cause serious injury such as eye damage or broken facial bones.

Seat belts are proven to prevent serious injuries when they work as designed. However, when they fail to restrain properly or have been compromised by poor workmanship, they can lead to internal organ injury and other grave health conditions. Though mandatory seat belt laws have helped reduce spinal cord injuries resulting from auto accidents, these preventive measures do not rule out seat belts as contributing factors to other injury types.

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