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Spinal Cord Injuries

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Our attorneys have the experience to know that spinal cord injuries can vary widely from one incident to the next. Just because the resulting loss of function, loss of sensation, or effective mobility suffered by the victim may be temporary, that does not mean that no injury has been suffered. Let us help you sort out your options. However, of the ten thousand spinal cord injuries suffered in the United States every year, the frequency of permanent injury or paralysis is sadly common.

The human body is remarkably flexible; the trauma involved in causing a spinal cord accident is usually very powerful, such as results from a motorcycle accident, a collision with a commercial truck, or an automobile accident. This does not rule out, though, a less dramatic accident as the cause of spinal cord injury, such as a slip and fall. Disease can also be a contributing cause.

Spinal cord injury can be defined as either:

Complete-Injury results in loss of voluntary movement and/or sensation in areas below the injury. The injury can affect both sides of the body or only one.

Incomplete-Victim retains a certain amount of sensation and ability to move, however limited. Even an incomplete spinal cord injury can require life-long medical support, such as use of assistive technology to breathe.

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