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Here's Why You Need a Disability Lawyer

With legal representation, you're much more likely to get benefits

If you're unable to work and need to file for Social Security Disability benefits, the process to do so can be intimidating and confusing. Missing a single deadline or incorrectly filing a single document can bar you from receiving the benefits you need.

With your future riding on a judge's decision, why would you want to try to navigate the complex Social Security system on your own? Having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference. Recht Law Offices has been serving the Weirton area since 1952. We know the courts, we know our community and we're dedicated to helping people get the benefits they need to move forward.

 Three ways attorney Steven M. Recht can help

We understand the system's requirements. Social Security Disability uses a very specific definition of "disability" to determine who does and does not qualify for benefits. We can help you present your case in a manner that shows you meet their standards. Our legal team will gather your medical records, obtain statements from your doctors and demonstrate that you do fit their disability criteria.

We know how to handle appeals. More than half of all SSD applications are initially denied. It's so common that appealing a denied claim is a routine part of the process. We've handled hundreds of SSD appeals and know how to make your case before a judge.

We have the resources to help. Our law firm handles SSD cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you only owe us a fee if you are ultimately awarded benefits. Our fee is a set percentage of those benefits determined by the Social Security Administration. We advance all costs related to moving your case forward, so you'll never have to pay out of pocket.

There's so much on the line in your SSD case, and we're dedicated to helping you get the results you need. Contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation. Call 1 (877) 321-7324.