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Workers' Compensation

Let us help you protect your rights to a Workers' Compensation Claim

The seasoned Workers' Compensation lawyers at Recht Law Offices give you greater peace of mind due to our deep knowledge of the laws about Workers' Compensation rights in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We are also well-versed at allocating the necessary resources you might need to make a claim due to an occupation-related injury or illness. When you get the right direction from our workers' compensation claim lawyers, you will be at a greater advantage for protecting your workers' compensation benefits. Of course, preventing early termination of benefits can mean a great deal to you and to those who might also depend on your income.

How a Workers' Compensation lawyer can help you

At Recht Law Offices, we provide experienced representation for employees filing workers' compensation claims. If you live in Moundsville, you can rely on a workers' compensation lawyer. If you reside in Wheeling, a workers' compensation lawyer with our firm can stand up for you and demand justice.

Wherever you live, we can put our experience to work for you. Contact a workers' compensation attorney at Recht Law Offices today, serving clients in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The importance of Workers' Compensation

By compensating employees who are injured on the job, Workers' Compensation can be a bridge of financial support until that person is able to return to the workforce. It can even help that person return to the workforce by providing funds for vocational training, should their injury or illness prohibit them from returning to their previous profession.

Serious, debilitating injuries related to workers' compensation claims include:

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Typically, any condition that makes a West Virginia, Ohio or Pennsylvania employee unable to earn their ordinary, full wages for three consecutive days, or if their injury or illness requires medical attention, would qualify for benefits. Using a standardized formula to determine benefit amounts, most employees can expect benefits equal to about three-quarters the amount of their usual take-home pay.

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There are many reasons that cause a person to be out of work. Whether a workplace back injury, toxic exposure or repetitive stress injuries, coping with the anxiety of knowing the ins and outs of workers' compensation regulations can be taxing enough on an employee.

When you let a workers' compensation lawyer go to work for you, you can focus on feeling better and getting your life back on track. We can help you recur lost wages, pay your medical bills and ease your emotional suffering. Call us today. We can help.

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