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Resources to Support Your Case

Recht Law Offices Gives You The Resources to Support Your Personal Injury Case

Value of Your Personal Injury Case

When you first call us for your free initial consultation, it is not likely that we will be able to give you a specific dollar amount to expect as settlement. This is because the information that we will use to make your case takes a considerable amount of time and effort to gather and understand. It is being thorough that makes us so successful for our clients.

We gather information from insurance companies, medical professionals, accident scene investigators, and any other source that will help us make the strongest possible case to get you what you deserve. Determining your settlement may require involvement from rehabilitation specialists, and even financial professionals who can accurately describe the long-term costs of your loss, should you be unable to return to work, or where other types of worker's compensation law may apply.

Once we have examined all the details and facts, we will assess a value of your personal injury claim.

Confidentiality of Your Personal Injury Case

Everything you as a client say to your personal injury lawyer is confidential and protected by law; no details will be divulged about your case by anyone in the law firm without your written consent.

At Recht Law Offices, we are here for you whenever you need us during the course of your case. Effective communication and absolute confidentiality is central to how we serve our clients.

Timeline of Your Personal Injury Case

We understand you feel an urgency to respond to the incident or circumstance that has caused you injury. However, our years of experience have shown us the importance of being cautious and patient in considering the long-term implications of your case.

While some cases do resolve after a few months, and sometimes without trial or arbitration, others may take many months, or even years to be resolved. Keep in mind, the aftereffects of injury may last throughout your lifetime.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Make a Difference

There is a lot of confusing information about personal injury law and how it might apply to you. We can help you make progress and make a difference for how you or a loved one recovers from your injury or loss. At Recht Law Offices, we fight for your rights, and you don't pay us unless you recover a settlement. Stop the confusion, and start on the right track. Email today.