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Who pays for my damages after a crash?

An experienced car accident lawyer discusses how compensation is paid after a crash. Nobody can predict when they will be hit by a negligent or reckless driver. Crashes often come without warning, and some are life-changing. Sometimes, crash victims are rushed to the nearest hospital where they undergo invasive medical procedures and ensure long recoveries....

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3 leading risk factors in nighttime crashes

Fall is here and as we come closer to the end of daylight saving time, the days are getting increasingly shorter. Shorter days will have a profound effect on roadway safety in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, especially on poorly-lit rural roads. This can be a contributing factor in nighttime car accidents. According to the...

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How to stay safe from aggressive drivers

Aggression and driving is a dangerous combination and one of the top causes of car accidents. Aggressive drivers disobey rules of the road and put everyone around them, including themselves, at risk. They might run stop signs or red lights. They might tailgate or pass other cars in no-passing zones. Other forms of aggressive driving...

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Distracted Driving Truck Accidents Up During Coronavirus Pandemic

West Virginia truck accident attorney explains what you need to know Truck accidents caused by distracted drivers often result in serious injuries. While the number of drivers on the road has decreased during the recent coronavirus pandemic, the number of distracted truck driving accidents has actually increased in recent months, according to truck accident statistics...

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What causes head-on car accidents?

A head-on collision occurs when two cars traveling in opposite directions crash into each other at a combined speed. These types of crashes often result in severe injuries or death. Those who survive head-on collisions may sustain: Serious traumatic brain injuries Bone fractures Spinal injuries Nerve damage Damage to internal organs Severe facial injuries Lacerations,...

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Truck accidents vs. two-car crashes

A single crash involving a large commercial truck can injury multiple people, cause massive amounts of damage, and back up traffic for several hours. Truck crashes are especially dangerous on high-speed roadways where: Jackknife crashes are likely to occur. Dangerous pileups can occur, due to slippery road conditions or sudden traffic jams. Rollovers can occur,...

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