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What Happens After Deadly Car Accidents in West Virginia?

A tragic accident occurred recently in West Virginia. The accident was reported on by WV Metro News after it occurred in mid-September. The collision occurred near Bridgeport and it involved a truck and a minivan which was carrying a car accidents can have a deadly aftermathchurch youth group. Unfortunately, the accident was a fatal one.

When deadly accidents happen, particularly if they involve trucks, the car accident victims and their surviving family members need to know what happens in the crash aftermath. While no one can ever be fully prepared to be victimized by a car crash, knowing the post-crash process is important to take the right steps after an accident and to make sure your rights are protected if you wish to seek crash compensation for losses.

The crash reported on by WV Metro News showed the tremendous losses which can occur in a motor vehicle accident. Three of the people who were in the youth group van were killed in the accident, and an additional three people in the youth's van were injured and needed medical treatment.

The accident reportedly occurred when a truck crossed over the median and hit the church group, which was traveling to an outreach event in West Virginia called Festival of Life.  Two people in the truck also had to be transported to the hospital following the collision, which means a total of five people got hurt in addition to three people dying. Among the three people who were killed were two 17-year-old girls as well as a 16-year-old girl.

When accidents like this one happen, all involved drivers must stop at the crash scene. Law enforcement should be contacted right away via 911 and victims who were hurt should be transported to the hospital or an appropriate care facility as soon as is practical.

Police will come to the scene of where the accident happened, and will conduct an investigation into the accident. While investigations occur and police should be called even for more minor collisions, the most comprehensive investigations are done when victims are killed in an accident. When victims are killed, it is possible a driver responsible for causing the accident could face criminal charges, especially if he was intoxicated or engaged in high-risk and careless behavior.

The reports from the accident scene which are made by police and investigators will be helpful both in determining if another driver should be prosecuted and in civil lawsuits brought by victims or family members.

Victims who are hurt and surviving family of people killed in accidents may be able to pursue personal injury or wrongful death claims in the aftermath of an accident. In truck accident cases, claims may sometimes be brought against truck drivers and their employers. Such claims may be successful if victims get help from an experienced legal professional who can provide help in negotiating with insurers and making damage claims in court seeking compensation.

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