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High-Speed Police Chase in Weirton Results in Multi-Vehicle Crash

A police car stopping a vehicle at night.

A lawyer who represents accident victims explains what you should know

A high-speed police chase that started in Ohio and ended in Weirton, West Virginia recently caused a multi-vehicle crash that resulted in several people being injured.

The high-speed crash occurred on Route 22 in Weirton and was a result of a police chase that began on Route 7 in Toronto, Ohio. The vehicle being pursued by police reached speeds of 100 mph before flipping over a ramp on Main Street in Weirton and falling 30 feet onto a landing on the east side of Route 22. Debris from the crash flew onto the west side of Route 22, striking two other vehicles.

One of the injured drivers had to be transported to a hospital in Pittsburgh for emergency medical treatment. Two other people injured in the crash were transported to Weirton Medical Center for medical care, according to WTOV 9 Fox News.

High-speed police chases and car accidents

Accidents involving high-speed police chases aren’t just something you see on television, as these types of crashes happen in real life and often result in serious injuries or fatalities. One study found that roughly 350 fatalities occur on average each year due to crashes involving police pursuits. Researchers noted that many of these fatal accidents involved vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.

Often, the driver attempting to evade police did not have a valid driver’s license. Specifically, only 39 percent of drivers involved in a fatal crash during a police pursuit had a valid driver’s license. In addition, the driver attempting to outrun a pursuing police car was traveling 25 mph over the speed limit on average, according to the study.

Who is responsible for a crash that happens during a police chase?

Cases involving high-speed police chases can be complicated. That’s because it’s the at-fault party’s responsibility to compensate injury victims, and in certain circumstances, there may be more than one at-fault party, including:

  • The at-fault driver who caused the collision.
  • The police officer involved in the high-speed pursuit.
  • The city or municipal agency the police officer works for.
  • The at-fault party’s insurance company.

Often, it’s the driver who was attempting to evade police who’s at fault.

How can a car accident attorney help?

The stakes can be very high in cases involving accidents that occur due to high-speed police chases. The short- and long-term financial impact of an accident (medical bills, vehicle repairs, replacement income if you cannot work due to your injuries) can be significant. Insurance companies know this. That’s why insurance adjusters will typically do everything they can to reduce, delay, or deny your claim.

At Recht Law Offices, we know how to deal with insurance companies and handle complicated legal cases. Founded in 1952, our attorneys have years of experience fighting for the rights of injury victims in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. As a result, we’ve got a reputation for successfully handling motor vehicle accidents in all three states. We know what evidence to look for and how to build the strongest possible legal case in pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

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