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What to Do When Attacked by a Dog

Our Firm's Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You Back On Your Feet

The more information you are able to safely gather without further endangering yourself, the stronger the dog bite case that Recht Law Offices will be able to build for you.

If your injuries allow you to, gather the following information:

  • Which dog bit you
  • Owner of the dog
  • Residence of dog and dog owner

If you have been able to make that initial assessment, then:

  • Seek appropriate medical treatment, if required
  • Photograph or otherwise document all visible wounds or injuries

Following any necessary medical treatment:

  • Contact the appropriate police department or animal control office
  • Record the time, date, and person with whom you report the attack

If it is feasible and does not present risk to your person:

  • Photograph the site of the attack
  • Photograph the dog that attacked you

All of this information can prove to be very valuable to your case. Additionally, Recht Law Offices may choose to investigate the site further and establish a more detailed photographic record.

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