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Understanding Personal Injury Law

The laws that cover personal injury are intended to enable victims to recover or be otherwise compensated for how the careless, negligent, intentional, or reckless acts of another have caused them loss. This loss can be a physical injury, emotional trauma, damage to property, or a combination of these things, all of which are considered to qualify as a personal injury. This area of the law is sometimes referred to as ''tort law.''

Understanding Liability

There is sometimes confusion between two words related to lawsuits: libel and liable, which sound very much alike. ''Libel'' refers to the publishing or other dissemination by one party of what they know to be untruths or false accusations about another party. ''Liable,'' or ''liability,'' is the responsibility or obligation of someone who has caused you personal injury to compensate you for appropriate damages. This obligation applies whether his or her acts are negligent.

Understanding Damages

''Damages'' is the term for the monetary compensation you are owed when you have been injured. While many types of injury can be addressed by insurance coverage, such as auto accidents or slip and fall injuries, insurance companies only compensate for very narrow, specific losses. Time you have lost from work, or the pain and suffering you've endured, for instance, are losses owed to you that insurance policies will not typically cover.

Also, most personal injury cases are governed by a certain time limit for recovering damages, called a statute of limitations. For these reasons, it can be very valuable to work with an experienced personal injury law firm like Recht Law Offices so that you receive all the damages you are owed.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Make a Difference

There is a lot of confusing information about personal injury law and how it might apply to you. We can help you make progress, and make a difference for how you or a loved one recovers from your injury or loss. At Recht Law Offices, we fight for your rights, and you don't pay us unless you recover a settlement. Stop the confusion, and start on the right track. Email us today.