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Specific Motorcycle Injury Risks

Our Attorney's Understand the Specific Injury Risks of Motorcycle Accidents

The importance of understanding motorcycle injury risks lies in understanding the types of damages that the liable party may be responsible for. Even a minor motorcycle accident that the rider can ''walk away from'' may still cause victims to miss work and require costly medical treatment or rehabilitation.

Broken Bones

Impact with the road itself, objects alongside the road, or with other vehicles can lead to broken bones. Losing even temporary use of the arms or legs may involve a significant amount of missed work. Physical therapy is often required to regain muscle strength. And of course, if the bones are in the spine, a spinal cord injury may have occurred.

Internal Injuries

Damage to internal organs can lead to life-long changes in lifestyle, in required medication, or required regular examinations. Some may require multiple surgeries to repair, or may lead to the eventual need for organ transplant. Significantly, an injury to the brain may permanently impair a person's ability to function independently.

Injuries to the Extremities

Loss of fingers, or of their effective use, can lead to an inability to work. Damage to the feet in motorcycle accidents can lead to amputation, which may permanently alter how a person must adapt to be able to live independently or work.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers are Ready to Fight for You

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