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Railroad Accidents

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There are many factors that may determine liability in the event of a railroad or train accident. Count on the expertise and experience of our firm's attorneys and our ability to thoroughly investigate the matter, to give you the most complete legal representation.

When The Railroad May Be Liable for Passenger Injury

Generally, warning passengers of known dangers that exist in transport is a mandated duty of the carrier. The levels of safety and diligence that must be exercised by carriers involved in the transport of passengers are clearly defined by regulations. Though regulations vary from state to state, instances of noncompliance may determine absolute liability for personal injuries on the part of the carrier.

When A Motorist May Be Liable at a Railroad Crossing

Motorists are required to stop 15 feet or farther from the closest rail when an oncoming train is observed at a railroad crossing. They must wait until the train has cleared the crossing before proceeding.

When The Train Crew's Job Performance May Be Liable

The requirements for sounding a horn when approaching a crossing vary from state to state; timely public warning is the principle duty of the train crew. Headlights of a specified brightness level must be turned on, and horns must be fully operational.

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