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Keep Your Dog from Injuring Someone in a Dog Attack

A Few Simple Measures Can Go a Long Way To Prevent Dog Bites

Where your dog goes

As much as dogs love to romp around outside, it is safest to only allow your dog off the leash in a fenced in area. Also, taking your dog to obedience training can add to how well you get along and how well your dog gets along with other people.

How you care for your dog

It is vitally important to keep vaccinations up to date. Being sick may make a dog more prone to act defensively or be anxious around people. Spaying and neutering has long been known to make dogs more obedient.

How your dog interacts with people

It can set a dangerous precedent to encourage your dog to ''play rough'' with people, even if that only occurs with you. Without exception, be present to supervise all interaction between your dog and any young children or babies, even if they are known to your dog.

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