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Illegal Supply of Alcohol / Dram Shop

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Illegal-supply-of-alcohol cases almost always fall into one of two categories. The first involves the sale of alcohol to minors. It is the responsibility of any licensed facility to first, insist that patrons be able to present valid identification, and second, be able to determine whether or not the identification presented by a customer is valid. Those that fail to do so may be liable for any harm to others that results from the intoxication of a minor.

The second type of dram-shop case involves the sale of alcohol to a patron who is visibly intoxicated. This standard may be applicable regardless of the number of different establishments at which that individual may have purchased and/or consumed alcohol. This type of illegal supply of alcohol often corresponds with cases of driving under the influence.

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The illegal supply of alcohol can lead to significant personal injury or loss of property. Although the phrase ''dram shop'' comes from England and refers to gin sellers who evaded taxes by selling alcohol by the dram on a black market, it is a very real problem in present-day West Virginia. Turn to us for help.

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There is no standard formula for handling an illegal-supply-of-alcohol case. That's why we take the time to get all the facts, starting with your free consultation. From there, if we take your dram shop case, we will not stop working for you until you get all the compensation you are entitled to.

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