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How You Can Avoid Dog Bites

Please Consider These Valuable Dog Attack Prevention Measures

If young children are present

No baby or small child should ever be with a dog unattended. Even a dog that knows and loves children can be triggered by some unpredictable or unintended action of the child, such as grabbing the dog's tail or throwing an object at it. Supervise at all times.

If you feel threatened

Do nothing that may aggravate the dog's aggression. Do not yell; if you speak at all, keep your voice level. Do not move suddenly; if you move at all, keep facing the dog with your eyes lowered and move slowly away. If for any reason you lose your footing, protect your face by curling into a ball and wrapping your arms around your head.

If you don't know the dog, the dog is confined, or the dog is not clearly aware you are approaching

In these circumstances, you should avoid contacting the dog with all possible effort, because these factors may very likely spark the dog's territorial instincts and may lead them to become aggressive.

If you do approach a dog

Never approach or pass a dog if you are running; you may unintentionally startle or threaten them. When you do approach, always allow the dog to sniff your hand before you touch them.

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