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How to Respond to a Car Accident

Recht Law Offices Wants You to Be Fully Prepared in the Event of an Auto Accident

We strongly encourage you to keep this checklist in your glove compartment or wherever you keep your insurance paperwork in the vehicle. Any other important phone numbers you feel you might need should you be in an accident (such as the phone number of your children's school or day care) may be valuable to include.

Car Accident Checklist

Immediately Following Accident

  • Notification of police
    • Inform the officer(s) of any need for medical assistance
    • Inform the officer(s) if you feel drugs or alcohol may be involved
    • Record the officer(s)'s name and badge number
  • Collection of information; include all involved, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and witnesses
    • Full names
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • License plate numbers
    • Make and model of cars
    • Insurance status of drivers
    • Name of person to whom vehicle is registered
  • Description of accident including
    • how it occurred
    • direction of the vehicles
    • time of day
    • weather conditions,
    • damage to vehicles
    • if any vehicles were towed away, name of towing company
  • Photograph the accident scene if you are equipped and able to do so at the time. Consider road signage, skid marks, vehicle damage, and weather. If you contact Recht Law Offices right away, it may be possible for us to begin our accident scene investigation right away, including taking photographs.

Next Steps

  • Get medical attention for any injury you may have received. It is important to note that certain injuries like whiplash are not immediately evident at the time of the accident.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. In the event that you are concerned for any reason that your own insurance company may not be responsive to your claim, we urge you to contact Recht Law Offices first.
  • If the other driver's insurance company wants you to answer any questions or make any statements, it can be very valuable to first contact an attorney.

Questions for the other driver

  • Are you hurt? Are any of your passengers?
  • Is your vehicle insured? Was it fully operational (e.g., working turn signals) before accident?
  • Is your vehicle company-owned?
  • Are you taking responsibility for the accident?

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Injuries that come from an auto accident can be extremely painful, and coping with insurance companies can be confusing and overwhelming. We can help. Your initial consultation is free, so call us at (304) 748-5850 or send us an email and we don't get paid unless you win.