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How Responsibility For Wrongful Death is Determined

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It is important to note that if the decedent failed to seek appropriate medical care and that failure led to his death, there may be no grounds for a wrongful death claim. That may instead lead to a reduction in an award.

Also, the time between the defendant's action and the death of the decedent is not a factor if the legal determination is made that the defendant's action was the cause of death.

A defendant can only be held responsible for a wrongful death if it can be demonstrated that the defendant's conduct was the cause of the death. That involves proving the death would not have occurred without the defendant's act.

If it can be shown that the decedent was partially responsible for his death, then he may be found to have comparative or contributory negligence. Dependent upon the state in which the incident occurred, damages may be awarded based on the percentage of negligence imputed to the decedent.

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