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Categories of Damages

As noted previously, ''damages'' is the term for the monetary compensation you are owed when you have been injured, whether it is property loss, physical injury, or emotional distress. This brief, alphabetical list explains how the different categories may apply to your case.

Attorney's fees and court costs

Plaintiffs whose cases are settled in their favor may also be entitled to compensation for the costs of bringing their case to court.

Compensatory damages

Compensatory damages are meant to make up for your injury and fall into one of two types.

General damages: Reimbursement for suffering that has not incurred direct monetary cost or expenses, such as future lost wages, suffering, marital distress, etc.

Actual damages: Reimbursement for any expenses you incurred as direct result from your injury, such as hospital costs, replacing property, physical therapy, etc.

Nominal damages

Only applicable in intentional harm cases, nominal damages are an award by the court to signify the judgment that the plaintiff was legally wronged. They apply ordinarily when the physical loss was slight, but that the intent to harm is found to be unjust.

Punitive damages

These are damages the court administers as punishment should the court feel that the defendant has acted with malicious intent to harm another.

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