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Slow-Moving West Virginia Rear-End Accidents With SUVs and Cars Can Cause Major Loss

West Virginia auto accident attorneysWhen a car crash in West Virginia happens at 10 miles per hour, you may assume minimal damage will be done to vehicles or to the occupants inside cars. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. An experienced rear-end accident lawyer knows soft tissue damage can happen even in crashes where vehicles are moving slowly. A car crash in which vehicles are traveling at just 10 miles an hour can also cause significant property damage under certain circumstances.

Bankrate reported the potential for property damage to total around $10,000 in situations where an SUV and a passenger car are involved in a slow-speed rear-end accident. These types of crashes are much more likely to cause significant property damage than crashes where two cars are involved in a rear-end crash. The problem is that the bumper of a car and the bumper of an SUV do not line up properly. This can cause much worse damage to both vehicles compared with situations where one car rear-ends another.

Because of costly damage that can happen in rear-end accidents, it is essential to determine who is to blame even for slow-speed crashes. You should always contact police for an accident report and never assume a rear-end crash is minor.

Slow-Moving Rear-End Crashes Can Be Costly

According to Bankrate, the fact that car and SUV bumpers do not line up means that when a car rear-ends an SUV, the car is likely to slide underneath the rear bumper. This can do major damage to the car. The damage can affect the bodywork of the car, the lights of the vehicle, and the cooling system. The body of the SUV can also be badly damaged.

In situations where the SUV rear-ends a car, the SUV is likely to have its bumper pushed up and over the top of the bumper of the car that the sport utility vehicle hit. The result of this is that the body of the car is badly damaged and the radiator of the SUV may render the car unable to be driven.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did a study of the costs of property damage that occurred in SUV-to-car collisions and in car-to-SUV collisions. The research found that there was $7,444 in property damage in the most expensive SUV-to-car collision and that there was almost $10,000 of damage in the most expensive car-to-SUV crash.

Property damage costs may be a small amount of total expenditures when a slow-moving rear-end accident occurs because the costs of a soft tissue injury or other serious injury can include medical expenses, pain and suffering compensation, and lost wages. Still, incurring thousands of dollars in property damage is bad news for motorists, especially for the driver who is at fault for the accident and who may not have collision coverage. The driver responsible for the crash should fully compensate the crash victim for all losses, including property damage, so determining fault is essential.

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